Vige-Doh - Handmade holiday fun from your friends at Viget

When you spend all year creatively shaping digital products, by the time the holidays roll around, you're itching to get your soft, keyboard-polished hands a little dirty. That's why every holiday season we send out lovingly hand-made holiday gifts to say thank you to the people who've been a part of our success.

But creative play shouldn't be confined to our offices, so this year we want you to get in on the fun! Vige-Doh is your chance to get your sculpt on! You can whip up a miniature blue and orange snowman, or stage a remake of a beloved holiday classic. (Godzilla's urban rampage is also a great option.)

So go forth, create, and let us know how you Vige-Doh! #vigedoh

The making of...

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How to Make a Stop-motion Video

Using Instagram or Vine

Tip: Keeping the camera steady will create the most realistic stop-motion video. Try a tripod or filming through a glass table.